Sunday, 14 February 2010

Cold isn't It?

Still shivering and feeling on the verge of a cold that never quite happens. Have amused myself with the tele and t'Internet. Herewith is some of the stuff - Behold!

Read this if you dare. Its strong stuff and I sobbed like a baby afterwards. But maybe its something we all need to read. Link here to a strong account of child neglect and if you feel the need to come back and sign up to the NSPCC don't fight it!! Just click on the donate by the logo below to take you through to the NSPCC site


Look its not important (especially if you read the link above) but I love Beaker. Don't we all? And this makes me happy. Click here to feel Beaker love...

My thing with make up is that I like it but have no idea about it and my make up bag is packed to the drawstrings with expensive mistakes. So I do love E.L.F (eyes lips and face). The stuff is nice and a nice price. These nail varnishes are £1.50 at the moment. Last summer I took my daughter and four friends on a weekend away and on a rainy afternoon in a caravan I offered sanity saving manicures without having to use £11.00 bottles of varnish on the little darlings.

Channel 4s - The Bible A History has been very annoying so far I think. Most Christianity stuff on TV these days is so keen to be "right on" - its like there is nothing challenging to say. Anyone who has been a Christian for more than twenty minutes can usually write this stuff holding the pen in their teeth and whistling "Its the same old song" at the same time. However tonight's episode, while I don't agree with lots of it, is v v interesting for a change. Faith is a feminist issue???

Saturday, 6 February 2010

This is late. I am sorry. I have been soooo busy but in case you care - my thoughts on the festive season and the time following it...

The List
Things I am discovering.......
1.Having a son who is doing A levels has improved my knowledge of Stalin, annotation of texts, philosopy and the way an album sleeve is constructed immeasurably.
2.None of the above are of any use to me in any way.
3.Test Match Special can almost make an afternoon of ironing bearable
4.It is snow. It is not the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (South Coast of England - Do you hear me?)
5.It is not cool to sniffle with pride as your son plays bass for the first time in the worship band.
6.It would apparently not have been cool either for the whole family to turn up for the meeting in "We love the Bass Player" matching T shirts. Only trying to encourage...
7.Cooking for seven at Christmas Dinner is much more than twice as hard than cooking for four. How can that be? Still great time had by all - me included.
8."Carols with Beer" is an interesting concept for a party and was more enjoyable than I expected. Interesting to see people not usually in church having their singing pipes loosened by a Party Seven.
9.It is essential to have a daughter who understands Doctor Who with you when you are trying to fathom out the final episode. (Still cried and DT isn't even my favourite doctor)
10.Morecambe has few self esteem issues when it comes to making his feelings known about being asked to leave the setee.
Have a go at this Dog Whisperer!
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